2 - 4 years

ESSENTIALS: coloring book, crayons or colored pencils, two non-perishable snacks (i.e. applesauce, pretzels, fruit snacks, crackers), toddler-sized tooth- brush, non-floride toothpaste, flashlight (please include batteries), nightlight, socks.


TOYS -- small stuffed animal, cars, small doll, bouncy balls (No choking hazards), plastic toys, toy harmonica or kazoo, slinky, small etch-a- sketch, etc. 

ARTS & CRAFTS – stickers, play dough, bubbles. 

HYGIENE -- brush, comb, fun band-aids. 

OTHER -- Tag blanket, sip cup, water bottle, hair accessories, sunglasses, small board books.

Items can be donated individually or completed as a care bag. 

Please drop off any donations at Carl Reck Jewelers located at 106 S. Cochran Ave. Charlotte, MI 48813 during the business hours of M-F 9am to 7pm and Sat. 9am to 5pm. 

For any questions or concerns please contact Jenn at 517-231-0735 or suitcases4kidsmi@gmail.com